The procedure for replacing certificates for VMware Aria Automation is almost identical to that of vIDM, which we described earlier. However, unlike in vIDM, vLCM does not support automatic snapshots of vRA. Therefore, we recommend manually creating a snapshot before proceeding with the following steps.

Once you have imported the newly signed certificate to the vLCM Locker (as we did for vIDM), you can proceed to replace the certificate through vLCM.

Click Environments > vRealize Automation > Replace Certificate

Replace VMware Aria Automation certificate through vLCM

Review the currently installed certificate and click Next

Review currently installed certificate

Select the imported signed certificate and click Next

Replace VMware Aria Automation certificate

Run the PRE-CHECK and validate the results.

Review Precheck report before replacing the certificate for VMware Aria Automation

Click FINISH and monitor the request

Certificate installation in progress

The process took about 18 minutes to complete.

Replacement took about 18 minutes

When you check the vLCM locker, you’ll see that the certificate is currently In Use.

Certificate overview within the VMware Lifecycle Manager locker

In addition, ensure that the browser has accepted the certificate. We’ve successfully replaced the certificate for VMware Aria Automation.