The New VMware Aria Family Name Unveiled!

VMware has announced the new VMware Aria Automation family name, which consolidates all Aria Automation Cloud services under a single parent service. This streamlined approach enables customers to access all components of VMware Aria Automation on the same page, simplifying the interface and providing a more unified service. Depending on the user license and role, customers will see a family of services such as “Assembler,” “Service Broker,” “Pipelines,” and “Config” under the umbrella of “VMware Aria Automation.”

The new naming convention for VMware Aria Automation includes renaming the previous services such as:

  • VMware Cloud Assembly
  • VMware Service Broker
  • VMware Code Stream
  • vRealize Automation SaltStack Config

    Now, they will be known as:
  • VMware Aria Automation Assembler
  • VMware Aria Automation Service Broker
  • VMware Aria Automation Pipelines
  • VMware Aria Automation Config

Beta Release: Plugin-Based Resources for Aria Automation Assembler

The introduction of plugin-based resources for Aria Automation Assembler (Beta) is another significant update. This feature allows customers to have a multi-cloud platform that reveals the entire range of capabilities for the underlying provider. The plugin-based resources provide reliable governance and extensibility mechanisms and accelerate time-to-value and agile delivery of all public cloud components. While AWS support is currently available, integration for Azure and GCP will come in later releases.

Parallel Execution of Custom and Out of Box Day2 Actions Enabled

VMware Aria Automation Service Broker also includes a new feature that enables customers to create individual custom forms for different released versions of an Aria Automation Template. The ability to display version history for content sources in custom forms allows customers to create a specific version of the form for a specific content source item, restore to a previous version of the form, and create a new version of the custom form based on the latest custom form version.

In conclusion, VMware Aria Automation is a comprehensive cloud management solution that simplifies cloud operations and removes multi-cloud complexity. With the new updates, customers can expect a more unified service and a streamlined interface. As more updates and features are released in the future, VMware Aria Automation is set to become the go-to solution for cloud management.